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Insight Tele-ICU

Insight Tele-ICU was developed by PCCSM physicians Dr. Jonathan M. Siner and Dr. Peter Marshall in conjunction with Yale-New Haven Hospital and was the first full service Tele-ICU developed for the Epic environment. Insight Tele-ICU, located in New Haven at the York Street campus, provides an extra level of care for patients and to support the bedside clinicians in the intensive care units (ICUs) at YNHHS hospitals and at other participating hospitals.

The InSight clinician can respond to emergencies within seconds, using audio visual technology to assess the patient and communicate with the patient, staff and families. These cameras are turned on only when a bedside provider or nurse requests them, during nightly rounds, or when there is an emergency or change in the patient’s condition that requires a provider’s attention.

Other benefits of Tele-ICU:

  • Ensure compliance with best practices and bundles
  • Mentor and guide house staff and new hires
  • Respond to routine and urgent patient needs

All information is protected by federal HIPPA laws and shared only with those involved in the patient’s medical care.

Contact Us

Medical Director

Jonathan Siner, M.D.

35 Park Street

1st Floor

New Haven, CT 06519

Phone: (203) 200-2710

Fax: (203) 200-2726

Insight Tele-ICU Team


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