Yale Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center

The Yale Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center, accredited by the national Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, specializes in the diagnosis, management, treatment and research of cystic fibrosis. We provide a team approach to care that includes medical, nurse, registered dietician, physical therapy, social worker, and respiratory therapy cystic fibrosis specialists. We collaborate closely with our colleagues in the Yale Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Center to assist adolescents and young adults in the transition from pediatric to adult care.

Our mission

  1. To provide effective, evidence-based care for adults with cystic fibrosis.
  2. To investigate and to implement new treatments for cystic fibrosis.
  3. To advance the scientific understanding of cystic fibrosis.
  4. To train providers of adult cystic fibrosis care.

Our services

  • Comprehensive cystic fibrosis diagnosis including sweat testing and blood testing for all known mutations related to cystic fibrosis.
  • Full range of treatments for all complications related to cystic fibrosis, including those involving the respiratory, sinus, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive systems.
  • Management of cystic fibrosis lung disease, including mucus clearance techniques, mucolytics, and preventive therapy for patients infected with pseudomonas.
  • Comprehensive nutrition counseling and care, including pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy, screening for and repletion of vitamin deficiencies.
  • Cystic fibrosis education and counseling.

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Bio Profile

Jonathan Koff, MD

Director, Yale Adult Cystic Fibrosis

Associate Professor Term

Director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program

Research Interests

Asthma; Bronchiectasis; Cystic Fibrosis; Influenza, Human; Lung; Respiratory Mucosa; Viruses

Clinical Interests

Cystic Fibrosis

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Bio Profile

Clemente Britto-Leon, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary)

Research Interests

Airway Management; Bacterial Infections and Mycoses; Cystic Fibrosis; Epithelium; Immune System Diseases; Lung; Pulmonary Medicine; Respiratory Tract Diseases

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Bio Profile

Jaideep S. Talwalkar, MD

Associate Professor of Internal Medicine (General Medicine)

Associate Director, Yale Cystic Fibrosis Adult Program

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Associate Director, Yale Combined Med-Peds Residency Program

Director of Clinical Skills, Yale School of Medicine

Faculty Advisor, Yale Resident Spanish-language Initiative

Research Interests

Curriculum; Cystic Fibrosis; Education, Medical; Internal Medicine; Pediatrics

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