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Fang Wang

Postdoctoral Associate

Contact Information

Fang Wang


Fang is originally from China and obtained a PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the China Agricultural University. During her graduate studies, Fang studies the stage-specific regulation of early T-cell development in thymus using scRNA-seq, and helps demonstrate that post-transcriptional regulatory proteins important in late-stage T cell development. Fang joined the Craft lab as a Postdoc in August 2021 and decided to investigate CD4 T helper cells in immune responses, focusing on the differentiation and function of population of these cells. Fang is working on Tfh cell differentiation and lymph node spatial transcriptome. Outside of the lab, Fang enjoys cooking and baking.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    China Agricultural University (2021)

Departments & Organizations