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Alexandre Duprey, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate


My academic background starts with an engineering degree in biochemistry completed by a MS in microbiology. During these studies, I participated 4 times in the iGEM synthetic biology competition (including one as organizer) alongside the INSA Lyon team, winning the prize for the best engineered biobrick in 2011 and 2014.

I followed with 3 year graduate studies on the fine mechanisms of genetic regulation in the plant pathogen Dickeya dadantii, yielding 3 first author publications. I now joined Yale university for a postdoctoral project still focused on genetic regulation, but this time on the human pathogen Salmonella enterica and the modulation of PhoP-mediated stress response by DNA topology.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    UCBL, Microbiology (2016)
  • MS
    INSA Lyon, Biochemistry and biotechnology (2013)
  • MSc
    UCBL, Microbiology (2013)

Departments & Organizations