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How do I protect myself from these hazards?

Structural repair

When welding, cutting and grinding, you must protect your eyes, lungs and skin. Read more.

Watch the video called Structural Repair.

Surface preparation

When using body filler and sanding filler or paint, the most important thing is to protect your skin. Read more.

Watch the video called Surface Preparation.

Spray painting

Spray painting produces the highest exposures to isocyanates and solvents, so you need to use a ventilated booth and protect your eyes, lungs, and skin. Read more.

Watch the video called Painting.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To prevent contact with dusts, solvents, and particularly isocyanates, you will need to wear personal protective equipment and clothing that will help protect your skin, eyes and respiratory system and work with adequate ventilation. For more information on respirators and other PPE, click on the pictures below.

Watch the videos on Respiratory Protection and Chemical Resistant Gloves.


And don’t forget to clean up yourself and your work area to get rid of the contamination and to prevent someone else from being exposed! Read more.