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Other Autobody Exposures

Goggles keep particles and fumes out of your eyes better than glasses.

Protect your eyes!

Eye injuries are one of the most common accidents in the autobody industry. Wearing eye protection, such as goggles or shields, keeps out particles and dust.

Protect your ears, too!

Obviously, in a body shop there can be lots of loud noise which will decrease your hearing ability. There are many different types of ear protection available.

Spraying truck bed liners is very dangerous!

Spray-on truck bed liners

NIOSH warns that “Workers exposed to MDI may develop serious or fatal respiratory disease.”

If you spray on truck bed liners, be sure to read this summary NIOSH alert or see it on-line. It advises you to wear a properly fitted full-facepiece supplied-air respirator, hooded coveralls, and chemical-resistant gloves, and to follow careful work practices. The more complete NIOSH report can be found on-line or you can read a similar guide called "A Guide to Preventing Asthma and Death When Applying Spray-on Truck-bed Liners" from Washington state.

Brake and clutch repair

You can be exposed to asbestos when repairing brakes and clutches. EPA gives you some advice in this brochure or you can read it on-line.

Other Hazards

Other autobody exposures are included in this “Health Hazards Manual for Autobody Shop Workers” by Nellie J. Brown at Cornell University or read it on-line.