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Specialized Products

Workers don't need respirators if using ventilated sanders.

Ventilated sanders

Autobody repair produces a lot of dust which may contain harmful particles. Using ventilated sanders can reduce the dust by 90%! As a result, you will:

  • protect workers from breathing that dust
  • improve the quality of your paint jobs
  • cut down on clean up time
  • extend sandpaper life
  • have a cleaner shop


Sandpaper for these sanders is available from suppliers. If you cannot find the pre-punched sandpaper in a certain grit, you can purchase a Pierce Plate for your sander which will punch the correct holes in regular sandpaper. Check with the manufacturer of your sander if your supplier can’t help you.

Read more about using ventilated sanders: NIOSH report… or DfE fact sheet…

The 2 laser dots will line up when the gun is pointed correctly.

Laser gun training tool

When attached to the spray gun, the laser tool helps the painter determine the appropriate painting distance from the car. The 2 laser dots will line up when the gun is held at the appropriate distance and angle. Proper use of the spray gun will save on wasted paint. This tool is recommended by the EPA Design for the Environment project. Read more about LaserPaint…

Computer simulator

This simulator uses a real spray gun to teach spray painting with no wasted paint. Read more about VirtualPaint…

Barrier creams

Special products have been developed for use in auto body repair to protect skin and not to harm the paint job. These creams will prevent harmful chemicals from entering your skin and, as a bonus, will keep your skin from drying and cracking. There are many different types – check with your supplier or look on the internet.