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PREP Study

Painters & Repairers Education Program

In 2006, we began work on the Painters & Repairers Education Program (PREP) which was funded by The Patrick and Catherine Donaghue Medical Research Foundation. We hope to translate the results of the SMASH study into a user-friendly DVD-based training program that will reduce isocyanate, dust and solvent exposures for autobody workers in CT. The materials we develop in this project will also be downloaded to a dedicated website (this site) which will be accessible to the entire autobody shop population worldwide.

Progress so far

In the first year of this ongoing study, the DVD was produced with a great deal of input from the autobody shops which have participated in our other studies. At focus group meetings and individually, we got ideas and reactions from managers, suppliers and workers, as we developed the video design and scripts for each component of the DVD. During filming, we got feedback and information which allowed us to make immediate changes. The results thus far have been enthusiastically received by members of the autobody industry.

Wanted: Shops and Suppliers to Participate in the PREP Study

A two-year evaluation of the DVD-based intervention in 20 body shops has recently begun. We are looking for shops and autobody suppliers to participate; if interested, please contact us. Also, email us with any comments you have on our website or DVD.