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Car in shop.

The Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program (YOEMP) is an academic division of the Yale School of Medicine. Our faculty and staff have nearly 30 years of experience in environmental and occupational health research, ranging from the laboratory to the field, and in the training of occupational health specialists.

The Program provides a large range of clinical and consulting services for individual patients, companies, government organizations, and unions. We are the oldest such program in the United States associated with a private academic institution, and are proud of our track record of treating occupational and environmental health problems in over 10,000 patients, as well as providing consulting services for hundreds of companies, locally, nationally, and around the world.

YOEMP Autobody Research

YOEMP has been conducting research related to isocyanates for more than a decade.

  • In our first study, called Survey of Painters & Repairers of Autobodies by Yale (SPRAY), we surveyed the health of workers in body shops, as well as assessing exposure at each shop.
  • Our next study, Safe Methods for Autobody Shop Health (SMASH), was an intervention study, attempting to improve worker protective behaviors.
  • In our current study, Painters & Repairers Education Program (PREP), we have developed a DVD-based training program, as well as this website, to promote the same protective behaviors and decrease exposures in autobody shops.