Yasuko Iwakiri, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases)

Research Interests

Hypertension, Portal; Liver Cirrhosis; Liver Cirrhosis, Biliary; Liver Regeneration; Neoplasms by Histologic Type; Nitric Oxide; Vascular Diseases; Endothelial Cells; Antigens, CD147

Public Health Interests

Cancer; Cardiovascular Disease; Nutrition

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: Digestive Diseases: Iwakiri Lab | Liver Center

Faculty Research

Vascular Biology and Therapeutics Program

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

  1. Portal hypertension in liver diseases
  2. Liver fibrosis, regeneration, alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases
  3. Endothelial cell biology and nitric oxide signaling

Specialized Terms: Portal hypertension; Nitric oxide; S-nitrosylation; CD147 (EMMPRIN, Basigin); Reticulon 4B (Nogo-B); Liver fibrosis; Liver regeneration; Vascular biology

Extensive Research Description

    1. Arterial remodeling in chronic liver diseases.
    2. Role of S-nitrosylation of the Golgi proteins in the function of endothelial cells.
    3. The mechanisms of the development of the hyperdynamic circulatory syndrome in patients with liver diseases.
    4. Role of Nogo-B in liver fibrosis and regeneration.
    5. Role of EMMPRIN (extracellular matrix metalloprotease inducer) in the pathogenesis of liver diseases.

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    Yasuko Iwakiri, PhD
    Office Location
    The Anlyan Center
    300 Cedar Street, Ste S223B

    New Haven, CT 06519
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    Mailing Address
    Digestive DiseasesPO Box 208056
    333 Cedar Street

    New Haven, CT 06520-8056

    Iwakiri Lab

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