Faculty by Specialty

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General Internal Medicine

Nicholas Alexander Christakis

Sol Goldman Family Professor of Sociology and Professor in the Institute for Social and Policy Studies, of Biomedical Engineering, of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and of Medicine (General Medicine)

Shawn M Cole, MD, MHA

Medical Director, Henry S. Chase Outpatient Center

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Medical Director, Occupational Health - Waterbury Hospital

John Concato, MD

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Director, Clinical Epidemiology Research Center, VA Connecticut HealthCare System

Jacqueline Marie Cook, MD, MPH

Instructor in Medicine (Occupational Medicine)

Associate Fellowship Program Director

Donald J. Curran, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Joseph Donroe, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Director of the YSM Physical Exam Course

Benjamin Rolin Doolittle, MD, MA Div

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) and of Pediatrics

Director, Int Med-Pediatrics Residency Program

Associate Professor, Religion and Health, Yale Divinity School

Lydia S Dugdale, MD

Associate Professor Term

Associate Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics

Co-Director, Yale Program for Medicine, Spirituality, and Religion

Jason Corey Dukes, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor