Dorothy Baker, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: Geriatric Medicine

Research Summary

Dr. Baker's research includes case studies in home care to community-based randomized controlled clinical trials and dissemination efforts regarding the prevention of falls, delirium and functional decline. Research and demonstration projects have been funded by from groups ranging from the Mountain States Regional Medical Program to the National Institutes on Aging as well as private foundations. She participated in developing the first family nurse practitioner program at Montana State University, designed to reach clinical practices in under-served areas of the Mountain States. Most recently she led efforts to see Connecticut pass fall prevention legislation. Dr. Baker currently serves as the Executive Director of the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention, based in Yale School of Medicine.

Selected Publications

  • Hyperalimentation at Home.

    American Journal of Nursing. 74(10), 1826-1829. 1974

  • Ten years of TPN at home.

    American Journal of Nursing 84(10), 1248-1249 1984

  • A controlled trial of a multifactorial intervention to reduce risk of falls among community elderly persons

    New England Journal of Medicine 331(13), 821-827 1994

  • The influence of urinary incontinence on publicly financed home care services to low-income elderly people

    The Gerontologist 35(3), 360-369 1995

  • The design and implementation of a restorative care model for home care

    Gerontologist 41, 257-263 2001

  • Evaluation of restorative care vs usual care for older adults receiving an acute episode of home care

    Journal of the American Medical Association 287: 2098-2105. 2002

  • A program to prevent functional decline in physically frail elderly persons who live at home.

    New England Journal of Medicine 347:1068-74. 2002

  • A prehabilitation program for physically frail community-living older persons

    Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 84:394-404. 2003

  • Dissemination of an Evidence-based Multi-component Fall Risk Assessment and Management Strategy throughout a Geographic Area

    J Am Geriatr Soc 53, 675-680 2005

  • Dissemination of the Hospital Elder Life Program: Implementation, Adaptation and Successes

    .J Am Geriatr Soc. 54:1492-1499 2006

  • Integration of fall prevention into state policy in Connecticut

    Gerontologist 53 (3): 508-515 2013

  • Association between treatment region and hospitalization for fall-related traumatic brain injury in the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention

    J Am Geriatric Soc. 61:1763–1767 2013

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