PRESERVE Trial (Sub-Study 578) Biomarker Collection and Analysis Among Participants


The PRESERVE trial (Prevention of Serious Adverse Events Following Angiography) is a multicenter VA Healthcare System study that is helmed by Steven Weisbord, MD, MSc and Paul Palevsky, MD, of the Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System. An ancillary study has been launched entitled "Biomarker Collection and Analysis in the PRESERVE Trial Cohort."

Dr. Parikh serves on the Executive Committee for the study which oversees study operations, the performance of participating medical centers, and data quality. This committee also monitors adherence to the protocol, formulates plans for publication, and presentation of all data from the study (both parent and ancillary).

Multiple studies, predominantly in the settings of cardiac surgery and sepsis, demonstrate that serum and urine biomarkers stratify the risk for acute kidney injury (AKI), permit the early detection of AKI prior SCr elevation, and predict long-term outcomes. Although small studies of AKI following iodinated contrast administration suggest that biomarkers have predictive and diagnostic potential in this setting, the studies were limited in size and scope. As a result, there is a paucity of data on how biomarkers could help stratify patients' risk for incipient stages of CIAKI, facilitate the timely implementation of therapeutic interventions after renal injury occurs, or help gauge the effectiveness of interventions for the prevention of this condition. This study seeks to collect and analyze serum and uring biomarkers in high-risk patients undergoing coronary and non-coronary angiography to endhance our understanding of their role in the setting of CIAKI.

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Chirag Parikh, MD, PhD, FACP

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Director, Program of Applied Translational Research

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