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Current Projects

Our initial research interest in isocyanates (cross-linking agents widely used used to produce all polyurethane products) stemmed from YOEMP's clinical experience and frustrated efforts to understand, diagnose and prevent isocyanate asthma in isocyanate-exposed workers. Over the past 15 years we have developed a multidisciplinary collaborative research program that utilizes field, clinical and laboratory approaches to address these problems.

The goal of the Yale Maritime Research Center is to understand the total worker experience in the maritime transport industry. This includes multiple domains, including health at work and at home. Seafarers come from diverse backgrounds and ship environments have various occupational and organizational structures. We seek to investigate all factors related to optimizing the work experience for this vital sector. This work will enable a safer and healthier work environment, to the mutual benefit of seafarers and ship owners.

Hearing loss due to noise exposure continues to be one of the most common occupational health problems. Despite the implementation of OSHA-compliant hearing conservation programs in 1983, there is evidence that conventional hearing protectors may not provide adequate protection for many individuals. The DOSE study is currently evaluating whether or not individuals who are able to get daily feedback about their noise exposures have less hearing loss as a result of being able to accurately adjust their use of hearing protection.