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Health Hazard & Outbreak Investigations

Health hazard and outbreak investigations are carried out by an experienced team of board certified physicians, certified industrial hygienists, epidemiologists and medical assistants who can visit the site linked to the outbreak and make an assessment of known or suspected adverse health effects and their potential relationship to the exposure environment. This may involve a fairly straight forward assessment of whether a particular exposure is causing health problems or a more complex evaluation of whether perceived health issues could be related to some unknown element of the environmental exposure. Our team has experience with a variety of chemical, physical, and biological exposures with both known and previously unknown health affects, including lead, noise, solvents, dusts, and bacteria. Examples of our previous work include evaluating outbreaks of liver disease, cancer clusters, asthma and respiratory irritation and a variety of other health problems. We are skilled at evaluate numerous types of workplace environments, including manufacturing, transportation, office, and health care facilities and can work with your organization to address current and future needs. Please contact our office at 203-785-4197 for more information.