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Voices of DEI: Leslie Douglas-Churchwell, MD

July 13, 2021

Introducing Leslie Douglas-Churchwell, MD, of the Section of General Internal Medicine.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you personally?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion means valuing all members of society equally. Keeping an open mind, hearing and accepting viewpoints from people of various backgrounds. Learning about various cultures, genders, and sexual orientation..

Why do you value diversity?

I value diversity because it makes our organization strong, inclusive, and compassionate.

Why should an academic setting be equal and inclusive?

It's important for an academic setting to mirror our nation, world, and community.

What do you look forward to most?

I feel internal medicine has made strides improving DEI, but it's important to include all specialities.

Other thoughts?

As a woman of color in medicine. I experienced sexism and racism in medical school and residency. I feel it's important fight against injustices in our profession and improve opportunities for myself, peers and the next generation

The Department of Internal Medicine’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Internal Medicine knows that diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to our mission; aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds results in beneficial diversity of thought; and believes that having a diverse team enhances our ability to provide excellent clinical care, research, and medical education.

Submitted by Amy Anderson on July 13, 2021