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The Educator Corner (May 2022)

May 12, 2022
by Dana Dunne

Greetings from Educator Corner! At the end of every 12-week clerkship block, I review the student evaluations of the clerkship. We ask them to comment on clerkship aspects of organization, teaching, didactics, procedures, work hours, among other things. Every block I am heartened to read the comments about the faculty and resident commitment to and passion for teaching our students. I should share these snippets more often but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a student comment from this past block:

“I don't know how Yale does it but you all select amazing people for your residency programs. I was ready to have the TV/reddit terrible experience with seniors who keep you there till 6 p.m. and pimp you all day or worse, ignore you. I had the complete opposite. Maybe I just got lucky but everyone, from IM senior residents to psych interns, to anesthesia interns...everyone was so, so kind. They would ask me if I was okay when they were the one drowning in pages! I'm so grateful to everyone I worked with. To be more specific, what was effective: when they let their guard down/laughed/showed they were people or when they'd check-in "is the pimping too much" "am I overwhelming you" "are you okay". And lastly, please...if every resident just said what they'd like done for us to be able to go home every medical student's anxiety would decrease 40%. I had two residents who said on the first few days "when you are done with your progress notes, let me know and you can go home," or "just tell me when you're ready to go," or "med students should never be here past 3 p.m." That takes away the whole "do they notice me, are they going to let me go, ' is there anything else I can help with," anxious game. Just be explicit. Tell me how I should communicate when I'm finished.”

From an educator development standpoint, kudos to our last few rounds of [IM]Educators zoom faculty development series:

  • Sept. 2021-Vinny Quagliarello and Seonaid Hay- Learning Climate
  • Oct. 2021- Shaili Gupta and Darin Latimore- Bystander Training for bias/mistreatment
  • Nov. 2021- Susan Kashaf and Uma Phatak- Improving verbal feedback
  • Dec. 2021- Matt Grant and Laura Morrison – Improving written feedback
  • Jan. 2022- Chris Sankey- Relational Leadership in MedEd
  • March 2022-Thilan Wijesekera and Ben Gallagher (and guests)- Assessing clinical reasoning
  • April 2022- Chris Sankey and Naseema Merchant- Tips for inpatient attending

Recordings of these past sessions are always available on the educator page of the DOM website. Please be sure to ACCEPT the Outlook invite sent to you by your section administration and join us for the remaining sessions for the academic year (first Fridays at noon!):

  • May 6, 2022- Katie Gielissen and Donna Windish- Packaging your teaching content
  • June 3, 2022- John Moriarty and Steve Holt- Communicating goals effectively

Calling all education scholars: A reminder that there is a call for educational scholarship proposals due to Donna Windish. The original deadline of April 29 has been extended to May 13 so get those proposals in. See the links on the left for more information.

Also, just a reminder that it is not too late to register for the school-wide Medical Education Day! CLICK HERE

Thank you again for all that you do to teach our students, residents, and fellows!

Dana Dunne, MD MHS

Associate Chair for Education

Submitted by Julie Parry on May 12, 2022