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Yale Rheumatology State of the Art Symposium Takes Place Virtually in May

February 22, 2021

Join Us for The Yale Rheumatology State of the Art Symposium

Please join us for the Yale Rheumatology State of the Art Symposium, Pre-autoimmunity and the Prevention of Rheumatic Diseases

This one-day international symposium, a live virtual webinar, takes place on May 19, 2021, and is for specialists in endocrinology, internal medicine, neurology, and rheumatology.

Recent progress in our understanding of the development of autoimmunity suggests the opportunity of intervening in the prodromal phase of rheumatic diseases to prevent the future onset of clinically apparent disease, such as arthritis or other disease manifestations.

This one-day virtual symposium will bring thought leaders together to review the conceptual basis and available clinical data for implementing preventive strategies in rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other autoimmune and rheumatic conditions. Topics will include the definition of at-risk individuals, interventions under study, and prospects for new approaches in basic scientific and clinical investigation, and for the design of therapeutic clinical trials. More information and to register.

If you have any questions in regards to this series, registration, please contact the Yale CME office via email.

Submitted by Jane E. Dee on February 22, 2021