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Finance and Administration

July 11, 2023

Mark A. Holter, CMPE, CPA

Vice Chair, Finance & Administration


The department continues to grow and expand its reach with an operating budget of $350 million.

The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research released its annual findings in February 2022. The Department of Internal Medicine earned a top 10 spot on the list with over $141 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health—an increase of $6 million from FY21. In addition, government and public sector funding increased during FY22. Overall, the department has approximately 890 active awards and 800–900 new proposals out for approval.

Clinical volume continues to grow year after year, with clinical work relative value units (RVUs) exceeding 1M units.


The size of the department’s staff increased over the past year, with 436 staff working on administrative, finance, clinical support, or research roles. There were additional changes within the business office leadership. In March 2022, Julie Parry was promoted to associate director of communications. The centralization of support services continued this year with the creation of a new associate director of administration position. Sarah Hagans, who had previously worked as operations manager in YSM’s Department of Finance/Central Administration Unit, was hired for the new position in May 2022.

Administration Workplace Survey Committee

During this fiscal year, the workplace survey committee started a Business Office Learning Series, an informal meeting designed to provide background on each team, its responsibilities, and how the team’s work interacts with others in the business office. The group also launched an onboarding buddy initiative to help new members of the business office as they join the team. At the beginning of the summer, the committee also instituted a “No Meeting Friday” policy to provide the office with a large block of time to focus on work and projects.


The department communications team continued to extend its reach this year. The team organized to provide the administration, finance, clinical support, and lab staff with professional headshots. These headshots were then added to the website along with a new “Our Team” tab, which now features everyone who works within the department. During this fiscal year, the team also launched additional section publications. In March, Amy Anderson was promoted to communications officer.

Department of Internal Medicine Service Excellence Awards

In June, Cynthia Frank, PhD, RN, clinical research nurse 3 (Infectious Diseases), and Susan Ardito, senior administrative assistant (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine), were honored with Department of Internal Medicine Service Excellence Awards. These awards are presented annually at the spring Town Hall Meeting to recognize the outstanding attributes of one or more staff members of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine.

Submitted by Julie Parry on July 11, 2023