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Nephrology Fellowship Tracks

Yale Nephrology offers four separate tracks to match into through the NRMP match process. Candidates for all tracks should submit their applications through ERAS. Applicants can apply to more than one track, and we can help you refine your interests on interview day. Although many applicants and fellows are sure of their career plans, we understand that may change in your time here. Fellows that apply and are matched into the clinical track, but who develop an interest in research, may apply to switch tracks once they are here, and pursue a research interest. There is flexibility. Applicants to the fellowship program will learn more about these tracks during the interview process, as we help you find the right track to meet your career goals.

Clinical Track: Two-Year Program

This is a two-year clinical track that is designed to focus nephrology fellows on clinical skills, teaching and education. In this track, fellows will spend their first year on the inpatient services, and then their second year on both inpatient and outpatient rotations. There is time built in to work on research projects, and to develop and practice clinical and didactic teaching skills. Graduates of this track tend to pursue careers as clinician educators in academic settings or as practicing nephrologists in a private setting. The second year of this program is tailored to the fellows goals and career plans and may include more time in sub-specialty clinics, pathology, or pursuing academic projects depending on the fellow. There is a fair amount of flexibility to meet the fellows career interests. More information is available under the Clinical Training Tab.

Research Track: Three-Year Program

This track is comprised of one full clinical year as a first year fellow, followed by two years of guaranteed research time. Fellows who enter as clinical fellows may apply to enter this track after their first year if their interests change. Fellows in this track will choose a primary clinical or basic science research mentor during the spring of their clinical year, and work with that mentor to establish a mentoring committee and a research project. Graduates of this track typically go on to pursue research careers in the clinical or basic science fields. For more on this track, see the Research Training Tab.

Combined Nephrology / Critical Care Medicine Track: Three-Year Track

This is a three-year clinical track that is designed to focus fellows on clinical skills, teaching, and education in both clinical nephrology and critical care. The first two years of the program focuses on nephrology training, in inpatient and outpatient care. The third year will be dedicated to critical care medicine. At the conclusion of the fellowship, the fellow will be board-eligible in both nephrology and critical care medicine. For more on this track, see the Nephrology / Critical Care tab.

Combined Clinical Nephrology/ Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine Track: Two-Year Track

This combined Nephrology and Hospice/Palliative Care Medicine fellowship condenses clinical training in both specialties, and the fellow will be board-eligible in both disciplines after only two years of training. The first year of this fellowship will be predominantly traditional nephrology training with inpatient and continuity clinics as exists in the other tracks. However, in the second year, the fellows focus will shift to the Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine where they will participate in core rotations and didactics with that department. Fellows will be matched as part of the Nephrology Fellowship program, which will serve as their home base for their education with tight collaboration with the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Program Leadership. The program goal is to train physicians to meet the largely unmet need for nephrology physicians who are experts in providing palliative care medicine to patients with chronic disease.

Please feel free to direct any questions about the different tracks to program coordinator, Deepa Babu.