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4th International Conference on Alcohol and Cancer


  • Epidemiology and alcohol public policies
  • Reproducible research practices and transparency
  • Big data, deep learning and artificial intelligence
  • Systems approaches (metabolomics, epigenetics, genomics and imaging of alcohol-related cancer)
  • Molecular mechanisms of alcohol-induced carcinogenesis (including signaling pathways and non-coding RNAs)
  • Stem cells and genomic instability
  • Alcohol and cancer (colon, liver, pancreatic, breast, and aerodigestive cancers)
  • Inflammation, microbiome and nutrition
  • Developmental origins of alcohol and cancer

Organizing Committee:

  • Vasilis Vasiliou, Chair (USA)
  • Silvia Balbo (USA)
  • Lorraine Gudas (USA)
  • Dina Tiniakos (Greece)
  • George Michalopoulos (USA)
  • Lopa Mishra (USA)
  • Helmut K. Seitz (Germany)