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About the Yale Liver Center


The Yale Liver Center's mission is to enhance knowledge of the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases and other related disorders of the digestive system, thereby advancing the nation's public health. It does so by simulating both basic and clinical research in this discipline at the University and by establishing core research facilities for use by multiple investigators.


The major goals of the Center continue to be:

  1. To stimulate multi-disciplinary interactions
  2. To provide an exciting in-depth training environment for pre- and post-doctoral candidates
  3. To efficiently organize time consuming or costly techniques and procedures in Core Facilities for multiple users
  4. To stimulate basic scientists to direct their talents and technology to specific areas of research interests in the Center
  5. To promote important new research and training opportunities through pilot feasibility projects
  6. To stimulate translational research from the bench to clinical application at the bedside
  7. To create an intellectual environment within the institution and to foster collaborative efforts with individuals within as well as beyond the institution whose expertise enhances our progress

To accomplish these goals the Center has:

  • Organized costly techniques and procedures in Core Facilities for multiple investigator use
  • Used small pilot feasibility grants to enhance new avenues of investigation both for senior trainees as well as for established investigators when these efforts represented a departure from their current focus of investigation
  • Pursued an active scientific enrichment program with weekly to monthly seminars often given by invited outside scientists whose work was of particular interest to the Center membership. Center retreats and symposia have augmented this enrichment program

Publication Acknowledgment

To cite the Liver Center in your publications please use the following statement:

”This project was supported in part by the Yale Liver Center award NIH P30 DK034989 ________ core.”
(insert name of core(s) that you used-Morphology, Cellular Molecular, Clinical-Translational)

The Yale Liver Center is built on a tradition established by the late Gerald Klatskin, one of the country's founders of the discipline of Hepatology and a member of Yale's faculty for over 50 years

James Boyer, MD, FACP