Project INSPIRE was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of extended-release injectable naltrexone (Brand name: Vivitrol) for treatment of alcohol dependence and hazardous drinking among HIV-infected individuals transitioning from prison to the community. A total of 125 incarcerated, HIV-infected individuals who met pre-incarceration DSM-IV criteria for alcohol dependence or hazardous drinking and were within 6 months of reentry to the community were enrolled in the study. Primary outcomes for this study were retention in HIV care, time to relapse to alcohol use, and acceptability of medication assisted therapy.

Bio Profile

Frederick Altice, MD

Principal Investigator

Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

Director, Clinical and Community Research

Director, HIV in Prisons Program

Director, Community Health Care Van

Academic Icon Professor of Medicine, University of Malaya-Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS (CERiA)

Frederick L. Altice is a professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health and is a clinician, clinical epidemiologist, intervention and implementation science researcher at Yale University School of Medicine and School of Public Health. Dr. Altice’s primary research project focuses on the interface between infectious diseases and substance use disorders and he has a special interest in Global Health. He also has a number of projects working in the criminal justice system, including...

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Bio Profile

Sandra Ann Springer, MD

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Medicine (AIDS) and Associate Clinical Professor of Nursing

Director, Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic, Veterans Administration Healthcare Services, Newington

Sandra Springer, MD is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Infectious Diseases at the Yale School of Medicine. She is also the Director of the Infectious Disease (ID) Clinic at the Newington site of t and an Attending ID physician at the West Haven site of the VA Connecticut Healthcare System (VACHS). She is board-Certified in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Addiction Medicine. She has significant clinical and research experience with...

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Funding provided by:
National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Period:  
September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2014 

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Project Inspire at