Peter Cresswell, PhD, FRS

Eugene Higgins Professor of Immunobiology and Professor of Cell Biology

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I have been involved in the study of MHC and CD1 molecules, their assembly, peptide and lipid association, and subsequent T cell stimulation for many years, and we continue work in this field. We have identified many genes that regulate both HLA class I and class II functions. T cell recognition of MHC complexes with self- peptides underlies many T-cell mediated autoimmune diseases, and the relevance of this process to tumor and pathogen recognition is clear. We also study the action of interferon-induced genes, including the Fe-S cluster- binding protein viperin, which we named and characterized, that are highly relevant to infectious disease.

I have mentored over 75 postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, MD/PhD students and undergraduates, many of whom have gone on to faculty positions at major universities and medical centers, pharmaceutical companies and consulting firms.Among these successful trainees are Amit Kunte, MD, PhD, who was supported by the Infectious Diseases T32 Program.