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About Us

The Malaysian Implementation Science Training (MIST) is a collaboration between Yale University and University of Malaya (UM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are currently in Year 2, the first stages of our training program which aims to develop and institutionalize the first training on HIV and implementation science that incorporates human rights training in Malaysia. The program aims to provide advanced training to the next generation of researchers and public health professionals in Malaysia to have the skills necessary to address health disparities and to improve HIV care continuum among key populations. The MIST training program will use experts in implementation science from Yale University and introduce a hybrid training program between Yale and UM to initially train UM faculty in implementation and train the next generation of researchers and implementers to have the skills to address the HIV prevention and treatment cascade of care.

Specifically, MIST adheres to three core aims, including:

  1. train 10 Implementation Research Scholars (IRS) and 4 Implementation Research Faculty (IRF) by integrating an advance training in HIV implementation science from Yale School of Medicine;
  2. transfer knowledge and build capacity for the UM Certification in HIV Implementation Science; and
  3. develop the Implementation Science Resource Hub to consolidate resources and build partnership for better population outcomes. We will create a regional hub for implementation science by providing advanced training for faculty (who are not yet expert in implementation science), doctoral level training and capacity development of students.

Our focus is on implementation science to overcome health disparities for PWID, MSM, FSW, transgender populations and prisoners. We are focused on providing advanced training to produce a phased transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise from Yale to UM over the course of five years, resulting in a model curriculum for training in Malaysia.

Principle Investigators

Training Faculty and Mentors