Rick Altice, MD, MA

Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases); Director, Clinical and Community Research; Director, HIV in Prisons Program; Director, Community Health Care Van; Academic Icon Professor of Medicine, University of Malaya-Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS (CERiA)

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I am interested in a broad range of clinical and community research activities at the interface of infectious diseases and addiction. I have conducted innovative research in community, clinic-based and criminal justice settings, both domestically and internationally for over 30 years. I am board-certified in both Infectious Diseases and Addiction Medicine and have developed and tested numerous evidence-based interventions that are associated with improved clinical treatment outcomes for patients with HIV, HCV, HBV and TB.My research involves behavioral and biomedical intervention development (Phase I & II), pilot studies and intervention assessment using randomized controlled trials (Phase III), Phase IV adaptation and evaluation of evidence-based interventions and includes novel implementation science strategies for dissemination. In addition to clinical trials and epidemiological research, I have also contributed to pharmacological and pharmacodynamics studies for treatment of opioid and alcohol dependence among HIV-infected patients, treatment of substance use disorders and conducting pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies of medications used to treat HIV, HCV, TB and opioid and alcohol dependence.I am also leading several mHealth technology studies that target behavioral change, including HIV risk, engagement in clinical care and medication adherence.I have funded research programs in Ukraine, Malaysia and Peru where I mentor domestic and international students as part of Yale’s Global Health Equity Scholars (R25) and Doris Duke International Research Fellowship programs.I am qualified as a mentor for the breadth of my research with continual NIDA, NIMH, NIAID, SAMSHA, HRSA and CDC funding since 1993 and the mentorship of many outstanding clinical trainees who have been awarded F30, F31, K01 and K23 awards and have continued onward to academic independence. I have been the primary mentor for the following NIH-sponsored trainees: Drs. Springer (K23), Copenhaver (K23), Bruce (K23), Meyer (K23), Wickersham (K01), Zelenev (K01), Ghosh (K01), Bazazi (F30), Maru (F30), Basu (F30), Loeliger (F30) and the secondary mentor for Drs. Shenoi (K23) and Davis (K01). Drs. Springer, Meyer and Shenoi, together with Althoff, Morano and Muthulingam, were trainees on the Section of Infectious Diseases’ NIAID-sponsored T32 training program.