Training Conferences & Rounds

Attending Rounds - Attending rounds are made daily by one member of the faculty with the fellows, residents, and medical students.

Infectious Disease Conference – Boyer Center. This well attended interactive weekly conference is organized by the Infectious Diseases Section fellows. The conference is designed to provide in-depth discussion by individuals and a featured faculty panel of pathogenic mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases manifested by one or two specially selected patients recently seen by members of the faculty and fellows.

Didactic Clinical Conference – Boyer Center. This is a weekly conference designed to review selected clinical topics in a didactic format. Approximately 4-5 guest speakers are invited per year to give state of the art clinical talks.

Microbiology Lab Rounds - The Yale-New Haven Hospital Infectious Diseases team begins rounds daily in the clinical microbiology laboratory reviewing important case material with the director, Dr. David Peaper. Similar rounds occur once weekly at the VA CT Hospital.

Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series - This seminar series is held weekly at Yale, and is jointly sponsored by the Section of Infectious Diseases and the Section of Microbial Pathogenesis. Outside speakers present at approximately 2/3 of the seminars. On the remaining dates, fellows and students from Infectious Diseases and Microbial Pathogenesis present their research.

Clinical Journal Club – Presentations by both a fellow and a faculty member are held monthly to review pertinent current articles in infectious diseases and related disciplines.

Research Conference – TAC Building. This conference occurs weekly during the academic year and covers research topics in infectious diseases and HIV.

Other Conferences - There are a wide variety of clinical and basic research conferences in other divisions and departments at the Medical School which may be attended by fellows in all years of fellowship.