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First Roadmap Stop

ID Section Retreat

Date: November 16, 2020

Hosts: ID2EA Team and Dr. Erol Fikrig

Speaker: Harriet Washington
“Medical Apartheid: Historical Racism Goes Viral”

The ID2EA was launched with an ID section retreat hosted by the ID section Chief, Dr. Erol Fikrig and the members of the ID2EA committee, entitled “Stronger Together; First Stop on the Roadmap”.

Ms. Harriet Washington, author of the book Medical Apartheid, was our keynote speaker and delivered an exceptional overview of the historical aspects of health inequity, mistreatment, and medical mistrust.

The lecture was followed by breakout discussion of a case study related to health inequity unveiled and associated with COVID-19. The session concluded by closing remarks and introduction of the ID2EA curriculum goals.

ID Faculty and trainees received the book “Medical Apartheid” prior to the retreat and a baseline survey of all ID section faculty and trainees was conducted, evaluating their attitude and soliciting their goals and topics that they would like to converse in this curriculum.