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Primary Care Ambulatory

HIV Continuty Clinic

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During the three year HIV Training, you will follow a panel of HIV-infected patients at the YNHH HIV outpatient clinic. The Nathan Smith Clinic was established in 1990 and is the first and largest clinic in the state dedicated to the care of adults infected with HIV. The clinic offers a state of the art multidisciplinary care for patients living with HIV/AIDS. All providers at the clinic are specialized in HIV /infectious disease. Each clinic patient is afforded primary medical care, preventive care, and specialty care on site. In addition we provide onsite HIV prevention counseling, neurology, gynecology, psychiatry services, and Buprenorphine treatment. Specialized Hepatitis C treatment is also provided for co-infected patients. The clinic serves as a referral site for HIV positive persons seeking evaluation for liver and kidney transplants. All patients are offered access to other specialty services by referral internally or externally.

Your clinic sessions will take place during the Immersion Block, elective, and occasionally during your inpatient rotation. In addition, during ambulatory immersion blocks, experiences that will be useful for HIV Primary Care will be offered including but not restricted to Addiction Medicine, pain clinic, Viral Hepatitis Clinic, psychiatry clinic, Behavioral Motivation clinic, prison health.

The educational activities include but not limited to weekly Preclinic Conference on selected topics in HIV management delivered over the course of the year, weekly on line HIV-module, weekly Donaldson Firm conference, and Yale Outpatient Based Medicine Curriculum (YOBM).

Primary Care Ambulatory (2-3 y)

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The second and third year resident will spent additional blocks on ambulatory outpatient rotation at a variety of private primary care offices in order to gain knowledge and competency in area of general internal medicine in the primary care setting.