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  • Hospital Universidad del Valle (HUdV) is a major teaching hospital with 700 beds with primary, secondary and some tertiary care.

Disease Spectrum

  • A broad range of chronic diseases and violence-related conditions, malaria, dengue, TB.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Inpatient - open bed wards for men or women and Medico Intermedio - rounds start at 7 am
  • Outpatient - Tuesday afternoons during General Med ward rotation
  • Call - once a week overnight call and two weekend days over the course of the rotation
  • Present lectures/training formally and informally (bring ppt, to be delivered in Spanish)

Personnel Needed

  • Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Length of Rotation

  • Minimum of six weeks, including travel from the US


  • Medical Spanish fluency required; must be documented prior to rotation
  • Reimbursement Award amount: $3000
  • Housing available with nearby families
  • Required paperwork: letter of motivation and other documents submitted to the UdV Office of International Affairs
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Goals and Objectives for rotation

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