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Message for Program Directors writing an LOR for a Global Health Scholar application

Directions for your Program Director when writing the Letter of Recommendation for a Yale/Stanford Global Health Scholars Program applicant

Applicants: Please forward this page to your Program Director. Click on the Envelope/Email button at the top of this page to email this page to your PD.

Program Directors: Your resident is applying to participate in a six week rotation in an under-resourced medical setting. S/He may have limited medications, few diagnostic tools, spotty electricity, sporadic internet access, and/or limited water, and may be working with colleagues who approach providing medical care differently. In our experience, a successful Scholar is one who is both flexible and creative, and able to adapt to the challenges. We would therefore appreciate it if you would address the applicant's flexibility in a professional setting, in addition to their clinical readiness, commitment to serving the underserved, and personal maturity.

Please email the signed letter (on letterhead) to me.


Laura P. Crawford, MPH
Yale /Stanford Global Health Scholars Program
Department of Internal Medicine

Yale School of Medicine

New Haven CT