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Refugee Clinic Staff: Dylan Duchen (pt coordinator), Aniyizhai Annamalai (IM Attending), Joshua Bilsborrow (volunteer), Gregory Madden (resident coordinator), Anne Mainardi (volunteer),  Eva Bryant (IRIS Health & Wellness Coordination intern)

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Clinics in New Haven

Yale Adult Refugee Clinic

The Yale Adult Refugee Clinic is a resident-run clinic that provides medical care to newly arrived refugees.  We work in collaboration with Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS), a non-profit organization based in New Haven that resettles over 200 refugees every year.

The mission of the Refugee Clinic is to assist IRIS’ Health and Wellness Program in “providing each new refugee arrival with the tools he or she needs to achieve improved health and wellness in their new home: prompt access to high-quality, culturally competent and linguistically appropriate services; knowledge about preventive medicine, wellness topics, and management of chronic conditions.” Over the past several years, refugees from Iraq, Cuba, Congo, Liberia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Lebanon have been seen.

Yale Internal Medicine residents, supervised by an attending, provide the first health screening, with in-person translators, for refugees just arriving in the United States, including prescreening labs, detailed physical exams and routine vaccinations. The refugee population offers unique opportunities to address psychological trauma, tropical infectious diseases and routine preventative care.  In addition to health screening, the Clinic provides mental health services by a Psychiatry attending and residents to this refugee population.  

Patients are followed in the Refugee Clinic until they can be shifted to providers in the community, allowing effective transition of their healthcare. Given the growing numbers of refugees arriving in the New Haven area, the Clinic is now held weekly. The Refugee Clinic operates every Wednesday evening from 6 to 8 PM, in the Yale Primary Care Center.  All Traditional Internal Medicine residents rotate through this Clinic as part of their ambulatory block. Volunteer residents and attendings are welcome.

Medicine Attending: Dr Ani Annamalai

Psychiatry Attending: Dr Maya Prabhu 

PGY3 Leaders: Amir Mohareb, Kevin Ikuta   

PGY2 Coordinators: Brian Ball, Suzannah Luft, Felona Gunawan, Matt Griffin, Rupak Detta

 Please contact with any questions. 

HAVEN Free Clinic

HAVEN Free Clinic, based at the Fair Haven Community Health Center, is a student-run clinic.  Teams of junior and senior students - from across the disciplines of medicine, nursing, physician associates and public health - see patients under the guidance of a faculty preceptor.  More information is available on the website or you can email a volunteer.