Sonia Angell, MD, MPH

Links for the Third Annual Global Health Date Grand Rounds, Poster Session and Symposium on May 9 2013

Link to Poster of Day's events

Yale YouTube Link to Sonia Angell's Medical Grand Rounds "Decreasing Global Non-Communicable Disease by Reducing Risky Behaviors"

Link to compendium of poster abstracts  from the poster session

Symposium on "The Challenge of Noncommunicable Disease in Resource-Poor Regions"

1. Introduction    Asghar Rastegar

2. Providing Care To Patients with Kidney Disease    Fred Finkelstein and Robert Kalyesubula 

3. The Neglected Stepchild of Global Health: Surgery in Resource-Poor Areas    Doruk Ozgediz

4. Global Mental Health Challenges and Opportunities in the People's Republic of China    Robert Rohrbaugh

5. Keynote: The Threat of Noncommunicable Diseases - The Global Community Responds    Sonia Angell