Leadership and Administration Core

The Leadership and Administrative Core is co-directed by Thomas M. Gill, MD and Terri R. Fried, MD, who are responsible for ensuring that the goals of the Center are met. The co-leaders receive advice and counsel from the Executive Committee which includes Leaders and Associate Leaders of each core, plus faculty who serve at large. An External Advisory panel of senior scientists reviews the Center's progress.

The LAC is responsible for strategic planning, organization, administrative operations and evaluation of the OAIC research and training program. A special effort is devoted to ensure the cohesion of the Center and maintenance of an interdisciplinary and translational research focus on the common research theme, which is "the investigation of multifactorial geriatric health conditions."

The specific goals of the core are:

  • oversee the coordination, integration, and administration of all aspects of the Yale OAIC, including the utilization of core resources, with other research and training programs at Yale, and foster collaborations that will accomplish the OAIC goals; (Provide access for researchers to needed resources);
  • promote the conduct of academically productive, innovative, high impact, and clinically safe research by Pepper Scholars, Resource Cores, Pilot/Exploratory Studies (PESs), and External Projects;
  • ensure the independent review and oversight of OAIC research and the training of Pepper Scholars;
  • foster the career development of junior faculty from multiple disciplines into independent investigators and academic leaders in aging research;
  • recruit and encourage outstanding junior and senior faculty to focus their research on aging, particularly multifactorial geriatric health conditions, with an emphasis on translation between basic and clinical research;
  • identify and facilitate productive collaborations with other institutions and OAICs; and
  • monitor university, government and fiscal matters, ensure the preparation of necessary progress reports and administrative documents relating to the award, and collaborate with the NIA project office and Coordinating Center on OAIC activities..