Tinetti, Mary Elizabeth

Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics) and Professor of Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases) and of Investigative Medicine; Section Chief, Geriatrics

Acampora, Denise

Lecturer in Medicine (Geriatrics)

Allore, Heather G

Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)
Director, Yale Program on Aging Biostatistics Core

Research Interests:State transition models; Experimental design; Longitudinal methods; Missing data Methods; Marginal structural models; Latent class models; Trajectory models; Dynamic stochastic models; Joint models

Baker, Dorothy I

Research Scientist in Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests:Home care of older adults; Home-based clinical trials with older adults; Fall prevention; Preventing functional decline among hospitalized older adults; Preventing functional decline among community living older adults; Adherence; Dissemination strategies to translate research findings into clinical practice

Chang, Sandy S.

Clinical Interests:geriatrics syndromes (e.g., frailty), multi-morbidity, and cognitive and functional impairment

Cooney, Leo M., Jr

Humana Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests:Geriatric medicine; Assistance in elderly independence; Resource utilization; Transitional care models of care for nursing home residents

Clinical Interests:Geriatric assessment; rheumatology; mobility disorders

De Rekeneire, Nathalie

Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (Geriatrics)
Deputy Director, Center on Disability and Disabling Disorders

Research Interests:aging;disability;diabetes; obesity; inflammation; global health

Drickamer, Margaret Ann

Professor Emeritus of Medicine (Geriatrics) and Associate Clinical Professor of Nursing

Research Interests:Ethics and Dementia; Truth-telling in Alzheimer's disease; Decisional-capacity

Fried, Terri R

Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests:Treatment decision-making; Preferences; Advance care planning; Multiple conditions

Clinical Interests:Geriatric assessment; functional decline

Gill, Thomas Michael

Humana Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics) and Professor of Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases) and of Investigative Medicine
Director, Yale Program on Aging
Director, Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center
Director, Yale Center for Disability and Disabling Disorders
Director, Yale Training Program in Geriatric Clinical Epidemiology and Aging-Related Research

Research Interests:Epidemiology and prevention of functional decline; Disability among community-living older persons

Clinical Interests:Memory loss; Dementia; Geriatric assessment; Depression; Frailty; Functional decline; Disability

Henchel, Jacqueline K

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Clinical Interests:geriatric assessment; functional decline; dementia

Jenq, Grace Yin

Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)
Medical Director Inpatient Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Associate Chair of Medicine for Patient Safety and Quality

Research Interests:Improving transitions of care; Enhancing communication between healthcare providers; Simulation-experiential learning

Clinical Interests:Inpatient adult medicine; Geriatrics; Inpatient Operations, Quality, and Safety; Transitions of Care

Kapo, Jennifer M.

Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)
Chief, Palliative Medicine

Clinical Interests:palliative care.

Kumar, Chandrika

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Clinical Interests:geriatric medicine

Marottoli, Richard A

Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests:At-risk older drivers; Driving cessation

Clinical Interests:Geriatric assessment; dementia; functional decline; assessment of older drivers

Murphy, Terrence E.

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests:Aging; Bayesian methods; Spatial modeling; Non-randomized interventional designs; Multistate modeling

Van Ness, Peter H

Senior Research Scientist in Medicine (Geriatrics) and Lecturer in Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases) and in Medicine (Geriatrics)
Co-Director, Biostatistics Core, Yale Program on Aging

Research Interests:Analysis of categorical and longitudinal data; Techniques for handling missing data; Qualitative data analysis; Measurement issues; Gerontologic biostatistics

Vaz Fragoso, Carlos A.

Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests:Pulmonary function; Sleep disorders in older adults

Walke, Lisa M.

Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)
Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs (Geriatrics)

Clinical Interests:Geriatric assessment; functional assessment; memory loss; depression; dementia; pre-operative geriatric assessment

Administrative & Clerical Staff

  • Robbin Bonanno, Coordinator; Fellowship and Medical Student Education (203-688-9423)
  • Carol Bonapace, Secretary, Adler Geriatric Assessment Center (203-688-5045)
  • Eliza Kiwak, Sr. Administrative Assistant for Dr. Mary Tinetti (203-688-5230)
  • Ellen Solomon, Sr. Administrative Assistant for Dr. Leo Cooney (203-688-2204)
  • Front Desk,  Yale Program on Aging (203 737-1800)