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YSPH MPH Students Tackle Vaccine Policy in Op Ed Pieces

February 20, 2020

Introduction to Health Policy and Health Care Systems, taught by Professor Mark Schlesinger, explores the making, understanding, and evaluation of health policy. Students examine the fundamental concerns that shape the development of health policy, and learn a paradigm of strategic thinking to address consequential public health issues. They apply these principles to influence public discourse for a major contemporary health and social policy challenge by writing an Op Ed, supported by Lecturer James Hamblin, staff writer at The Atlantic, and Professor Leslie Curry from the Global Health Leadership Initiative.

This year, students selected from two vaccine cases (in the U.S. and India), and argued for a broad strategic response to the problem at hand, with attention to ecological dimensions, sources of support and friction, strategic response, and framing.

We asked course faculty to nominate several student Op Eds to feature on our website. These Op Eds are intended to showcase student work, reflect diverse perspectives, and spark conversation. We hope you enjoy them!

Submitted by Adeola Ayedun on February 11, 2020