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Current Research

Below is a listing of research topics currently being conducted by the Section of Geriatrics.

  • Epidemiology and Prevention of Disability and Falls in Community Dwelling Elderly
  • Driving Efficacy in the Elderly
  • Enhancing Advance Care Planning
  • Pneumonia and Urinary Tract Infections in the Nursing Home
  • Preferences for Treatment Site and on Goals of Care in Terminal Illness
  • Cancer In The Elderly
  • Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Factors Influencing Health Status and Function.
  • Quality of Care for Patients with Acute Cardiovascular Conditions
  • The Influence of Older Persons' Sterotypes of Aging on Long-Term Health
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Pulmonary Function and Dyspnea
  • Multiplemorbitity in heart failure and/or COPD
  • Risk and Benefits of Multiple Medication Use Among Older Persons with Chronic Illnesses