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Beginning in 1990, funded by the National Institutes on Aging, a multidisciplinary group of researchers at Yale were among the first to show that falls could be prevented and that even after accounting for the costs of intervention, fall prevention is cost effective because it decreases health services utilization. See list of references.

In fiscal year 1996 the State of Connecticut Injury Data report revealed that Connecticut 's most common and costly unintentional injuries were fall related. In response to this data, in early 2000 the Connecticut Hospital Association; the Connecticut Association for Home Care, Inc.; Gaylord Hospital; Qualidigm; Yale School of Medicine; and University of Connecticut School of Medicine proposed an interdisciplinary fall prevention effort to translate original work at Yale University into protocols that could be used in clinical and community settings. This effort was named The Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention (CCFP) and was funded by the Donaghue Medical Research Foundation.

The goal of the Collaboration was to reach as many clinicians and older adults as possible in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area to increase awareness that falls are common and serious and that falls can be reduced by identifying characteristics that increase the chance of falling and how those risks can be reduced. The plan was to develop an effective and feasible model for embedding fall prevention into the usual health care and the daily practices of older adults. The materials described in this website were developed for this original CCFP.

The Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention effort spans multiple settings including hospitals, home care agencies, assisted living facilities, senior centers, adult day care centers, emergency medical service organizations, physician offices and outpatient rehabilitation facilities. Many clinicians and community organizations throughout the greater Hartford area have learned about, and agreed to offer, fall prevention as part of their care and services for older adults.


The work of the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention, based at Yale University School of Medicine, was funded by the Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation.