Yale Geriatrics has a strong clinical base which allows for excellence in hands-on training.
Walker COACH

Connecticut Older Adult Collaboration for Health (COACH)

We build and retain a diverse multidisciplinary geriatric workforce knowledgeable in the unique needs of older adults and equipped to address those needs in their health professional career.


Geriatric Medicine

Fellows gain formal training in teaching, will be the primary educator for medical students, internal medicine residents, and specialists.

Research Fellowship

Geriatric Research

Provides outstanding training in geriatric clinical epidemiology and/or translational aging research under the mentorship of experienced investigators in geriatric medicine and gerontology.


There are three tracks available to the physician interested in futhering their career in geriatric Medicine. All three tracks must include one year of clinical geriatric medicine. If you have completed a year of a fellowship in geriatric medicine at your current institution, but are not privy to expanded training, you may apply to either our Clinician Educator or Heathcare Administration track or the Geriatric Research Training Program track.

Fellowship Programs Brochure