Clinical Resources

Below you will find resources for Cognitive and Mobility Screening, Goals of Care Discussion, and Geriatric Assessment Forms. 

Mobility Screening

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) video links and PDFs below demonstrate tests healthcare providers can use to assess the older adult for functional mobility, balance, functional lower body strength and endurance.

TUG_Test            4_Stage_Balance        30_Sec_Chair_Stand

For more information and downloadable instructions, please visit the CDC website.

Mobility Screening Videos

Cognitive Screening

ACT on Alzheimer's is a Minnesota based, volunteer driven, statewide collaboration preparing for the impact of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.  The following videos demonstrate the administration and scoring of the Mini-Cog Cognitive Assessment to actual patients in a clinic setting.


For more information and downloadable tools please go to ACT on Alzheimer's.

Cognitive Screening Videos

Goals of Care

In the video gallery below you will find two videos.  The first video was commissioned by the Geriatric Education Center of Pennsylvania (GEC/PA) demonstrates communication techniques healthcare providers can use when having a discussion about goals of care.

The second video by Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist, Ellen Goodman, discusses why it is important to have Conversations about individual values and what matters most during the end of life journey.

Shared decision making occurs when health care providers and patients work together to make decisions that are best for the patient.

For more information and "The Share Approach" resources please go to: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Goals of Care Videos

Geriatric Assessment Forms

Below are Geriatric Intake and Consultation forms that may be used by nurses, physicians, physician assistants and for advanced practice nurses when assessing older adults.

The forms are designed to evaluate functional ability, physical health, cognition, mental health, social and environmental factors that may impact quality of life for an older adult.  Aspects of physical health include nutrition, vision, hearing, fecal and urinary incontinence, balance, medication management, and goals of care.

Both forms are in English and Spanish.

Geriatric Assessment English                  Geriatric Assessment Spanish

Geriatric Consultation Form English       Geriatric Consultation Form Spanish