About Us

The Yale-TCC is a coalition of research institutions and stakeholder member organizations with a focus on African descent and Hispanic populations who are vested in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases in Region II and the Caribbean.


The Yale-TCC is divided into four cores:

Consortium Core

This core brings together stakeholders (health, policy and community leaders) in Region II, Trinidad, and Barbados, with varied expertise, to address chronic disease in African descent and Hispanic populations. Stakeholders (35 organizations/68 members) are divided into four work groups: collaborative learning, consortium well-being, implementation and data-sharing. Together, these work groups will facilitate meaningful participation by stakeholders in research prioritization, design, and analytic interpretation. The consortium core will support a pilot project program that will advance the understanding and facilitate the translation of precision medicine approaches to real world settings in Region II, Trinidad, and Barbados.

Implementation Core

This core brings together leaders in the field of implementation science, key partners in public health and policy, and Consortium Core Work Groups who share a commitment to addressing chronic disease in African descent and Hispanic populations. Its primary objective is to enhance the evidence base for translating effective chronic disease prevention interventions that align with precision medicine into community and population level programs and strategies (through its Demonstration Project Program). The implementation core will also contribute to ongoing dialogue on ethical issues in precision medicine particularly among historically understudied populations.

Biostatistics and Biomedical Informatics Core

This core provides research methods support for subprojects, demonstration and pilot projects. They will also develop a web-based platform to visualize research results for meaningful dissemination.

Administrative Core

This core provides leadership, governance, integration, and fiscal oversight of the Yale-TCC; coordinates, supports, and evaluates research and consortium activities; and leads internal and external communication strategies