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Polly Painter

Director, Strategic Relations - Precision Medicine

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Polly Painter


After having served as Policy Liaison and researcher for the Connecticut State Senate, Polly joined the Yale School of Medicine as the Director of Strategic Relations for Precision Medicine and Population Health. In her role at the legislature, she staffed numerous committees over the years, including Commerce, Education, Housing, Public Health, and Insurance. She has worked with academic, executive, and legislative leaders to build collaborations across the state dedicated to advancing precision medicine and population health, including the Yale CT Precision Medicine Initiative led by Dr. Murat Gunel, a new proposal using precision medicine for improving health outcomes of traditionally under-served communities. Most recently, in partnership with the CT State Department of Education, she led a team of physicians, researchers, and educators to create COV-Ed, a free high school curriculum resource providing a comprehensive framework for understanding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Polly continues to engage the network of stakeholders building the critical resources needed to support the growth of genomics, precision medicine and population health with Yale’s leadership. She is also committed to community-building and anti-racism work, has been certified as a Level 2 Kingian Nonviolence Trainer, and participated in numerous advocacy campaigns across the state committed to economic, environmental, and racial justice. Polly earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland at College Park and her Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut’s Department of Public Policy.

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