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In October 2019, the Yale Center for Asylum Medicine, together with Physicians for Human Rights, hosted a national conference entitled: Introduction to Forensic Documentation of Trauma: Evaluating Immigrant Survivors of Torture and Ill Treatment

Physical and psychological evaluations can help survivors fleeing persecution rebuild their lives safely in the United States. The training provided an opportunity for health professionals to learn from experienced psychologists, physicians, and legal experts about the skills necessary to document evidence of torture and other human rights abuses.

Physicians, psychologists, licensed graduate/clinical social workers and licensed graduate/clinical professional counselors gathered at the Brady Center. Highlights of the conference included:

  • Human rights law, immigration law, and the importance of health professionals and forensic documentation in the immigration process
  • Physical and psychological evidence of torture and other human rights abuses
  • Effective medical ‐ legal documentation, including affidavit writing and oral testimony
  • Best practices for collaboration between health professionals and attorneys

Yale Center for Asylum Medicine featured in Physicians for Human Rights Annual Report

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