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Latest Addiction Medicine News

  • March 27, 2022: Harm Reduction

    John Oliver discusses why overdoses in the U.S. have been on the rise and what we should, and shouldn’t, be doing to prevent them; plus, a disastrous royal tour; Ketanji Brown Jackson faces inane questions from the GOP; the Nenana Ice Classic.

    Source: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
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  • Emergency response systems must not overlook people with substance use disorders

    As currently designed, U.S. addiction treatment systems are costing lives every day. Structured to simultaneously provide care for people with substance use disorders while surveilling, criminalizing, and stigmatizing these disorders and the people who have them, they are cumbersome, inflexible, and unprepared for the next emergency.

    Source: STAT News
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  • Calls To Rethink The War On Opioids

    During the ongoing battle with COVID-19, there seems to be less attention being paid to opioid addiction, advocates say. But now these two events put opioids and opioid use disorder back in the spotlight. Deaths from opioid overdose in Connecticut have increased nearly 40% over the past three years, hitting 1,356 through the first 11 months of in 2021 and, police say, the state is flooded with ever-more-powerful synthetic opioids.

    Source: Connecticut Health I-Team
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  • Prevention Centers Save Lives, But Only Radical Change Will End the Overdose Crisis

    Apair of legally sanctioned overdose prevention centers — in which people can use illicit drugs under medical supervision — began taking clients in New York City in late November, potentially opening the door for similar facilities in other cities. The announcement has been a rare bright spot in the increasingly terrifying media coverage of the overdose crisis. The prevention centers are a hopeful step toward addressing the crisis, but they are not a panacea. Even if more centers are established beyond New York, experts warn that overdose prevention centers alone cannot stem the staggering tide of death....

    Source: Truthout
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