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The Yale Department of Internal Medicine has a large and diverse faculty comprised of clinicians, physician-scientists, and clinician-educators who are leaders in their areas of expertise. Common to all faculty is a strong commitment to our educational programs. Our core faculty include directors and associate directors of the three residency programs in our department, Firm Chiefs at Yale New Haven Hospital and a group of full-time faculty who have ongoing contact with the house officers throughout all three years of training. Among the core faculty of the Primary Care Residency is a group of academic general internists who are full-time members of the Yale Section of General Internal Medicine. Their main offices are at Yale New Haven Hospital's Saint Raphael Campus where they attend on the wards and provide all of the continuity clinic precepting. These faculty have been hired by the department because of their excellence as clinicians and educators as well as their expertise in graduate medical education and curriculum development. Program faculty have developed published curricula that are now used by many other Internal Medicine residency programs.

To assist each resident in his or her individual growth, we have developed a structured advisor program. Each house officer is assigned a member of the core residency faculty to serve as a primary advisor/mentor. We designate the resident’s continuity clinic preceptor for this role thus establishing an advising and mentoring relationship right from the start of residency with a faculty member who over time will develop a longitudinal educational role with the trainee and who will be well-positioned to provide ongoing, formative and summative feedback. The advisors are responsible for performing routine direct observation and feedback of clinical skills, reviewing biannual summary evaluations and developing individualized education action plans.

Listed below are the core faculty of the Primary Care Residency including residency program leadership along with other members of our department’s full-time faculty who have ongoing, meaningful contact with the housestaff.

Primary Care Faculty