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YNHH Firm and Conference Locations

• CCU (SP 5/1) – recommended for Med II students

• Cooney – Saint Raphael Campus • Donaldson (9th floor – 9/5)

• Duffy (Smilow 11th floor)

• Generalists (9th floor – 9/6)

• Goodyer (5th Floor – 5/2)

• Fitkin I (5th floor – 5/5)

• Fitkin II (5th floor – 5/6)

• HP Team (Mostly on 5/5)

• Klatskin (9th floor – 9 WP)

• Oncology (Smilow 12th floor)

• Peters (7th floor – 7/6)

Conference Rooms etc.

• FMP Conference Room, #132, first floor of the Fitkin Building Lobby, wing in front of the Fitkin Amphitheatre. Go to the end of the wing and take a left, conference room is the last door on the left

• Fred Sachs Library, YNHH, EP5-635, fifth floor

• 5th Floor Conference Room, YNHH EP5-837

• Greenspan Conference Room, YNHH, SP2-209, second floor, Use "Radiology Office Use Only" entrance

• Laboratory of Medicine Conference Room, CB #401, Clinical Building, 4th floor

• TAC N203, The Anlyan Center (300 Cedar Street), Corner of Cedar Street and Congress Avenue, North Building, second floor – on the left after the connecting bridge on the second floor, before elevators

• Fitkin Conference Room, 3rd floor, inside Section of Cardiology

• Harkness Mezzanine – ESH Building (second floor), 367 Cedar Street

• LCI #104, first floor, end of the LMP corridor towards Digestive Diseases, take a left at the end of the hallway, take the first left, past the elevators, take a right, conference room is on the right hand side of the hall

• Old Trask Room, LMP 3108

• Practical Laboratory Medicine, 5 Park Street, 4th Floor, see directions attached to Conference Schedule

• Aimee Patel’s office – LMP 1074-C