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Requirements per block


The below requirements should be considered during both of your four-week internal medicine blocks (Med I and Med II), but the entire portfolio is not due until the end of the 12-week MAP clerkship block because the patient log that you keep is continuous throughout so would be impractical to turn in at the end of four weeks. Each of these components are part of your formative assessment and should be thought of as enhancements of your clinical skills, not checkboxes of requirements to fulfill. We have found that while these activities happen naturally on the clerkships, having some required has allowed you to get more structured formative observation and feedback. There are four elements of the portfolio.

1. Structured observation and feedback (on-the-fly) of clinical skills (EPAs)

EPA 1a (history) EPA 1b (physical) EPA 2 (clinical reasoning) EPA 5 (note) EPA 6 (oral presentation)
MED 1 2 2 1 2 1
MED 2 2 2 2 1 2

2. Case Log- (back of Dr. Seigel’s How to Present card)- you keep logging all 12 weeks. Need to have meaningful interaction with each of the 16 core topics by the end of 12 weeks.

3. Evidence-based medicine assignment- A clinical question will arise frequently during your clerkship. Once each block (once for Med 1 and once for Med 2) research one of these clinical question and fill out your search process on the Qualtrics survey sent to you by librarians. Librarians originate this assignment and will give you feedback. They share with us so you don’t need to send it to us separately.

4. Mid-way clerkship feedback on folio- Done at end of your first two weeks of each clerkship block. Details have been shared by Gina Franco at your first precede. Contact her if you are not sure of the place to log this feedback – you should get feedback from both your attending and resident but only one of them has to fill out the form.

Requirements by end of 12-week MAP clerkship

Exam Soft

To be done in postcede. You will receive an email notice from our office regarding exam accessioning. Use your secret student code,, at the end as your login and password. (For example, if your code is 7777, you would enter If you don’t know your code, contact Terri Tolson or Judy Spak.


Attendance at the Communicating Difficult News Workshops.

Aquifer Cases

For the inpatient medicine clerkship component, using your Core Curriculum Checklist, complete any Aquifer cases to address topics NOT covered in case conference or simulation. Remember to log into Aquifer's website using your Yale email address to get access (same procedure as CLIPP cases for Pediatrics rotation).