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Guidelines for Attendings and Residents

Guide for Attendings


  • During Med 1, students are told to admit one case per call (approximately two per week, eight per block). They have 24 hours to complete a full write-up which they are told should be fairly extensive (background basic text reading evident). They are told not to put these in EMR until a number have been reviewed by you and you have deemed them “fit”.
  • During Med 2, students are told to admit two cases per call (approximately four per week; 14-16 per block). They have until the following morning to complete a full write-up.
  • Students should conduct the interview and physical exam as independently as possible. A portion will be observed periodically and feedback provided to the student on communication and exam skills and documentation EPA mobile platform (EPA 1a, 1b).
  • Preceptor and student formally review one write-up per week. Please log observations and feedback on EPA mobile platform (EPA 2, 5).

Day-to-day patient management

  • Present their patients on work rounds daily; present their new admissions post-call.
  • Please make every effort to involve the student in the decision-making beforehand (as if they were going to write the orders), or at least keep them informed of orders written on their patients.
  • Write daily progress notes on their patients.
  • Collaborate professionally with other members of the patient’s care team (social work, pharmacy, consultants, primary care physicians).
  • Students should be expected to present 3-5 minute “teaching bullet” on patient-driven question for team to be presented at start of each attending rounds (or work rounds, as appropriate).
  • Students have a didactic schedule- see calendar for site-specific activities.


  • Sit-down feedback session with students at least twice: mid-way through and at the end of their time on service. Forms to facilitate mid-way feedback will be given to you by the student clerks.
  • Additional, brief, "on-the-fly" feedback is strongly encouraged (facilitated w/ EPA requirement).
  • Completion of on-line MedHub evaluation of the student within two weeks of the end of the rotation. We are under strict LCME deadline to have all evaluations completed in a timely fashion.
  • Structured observations- complete EPA requirements. Ideally this should be done by resident as a way to increase variety of methods residents gain exposure to and experience with.
  • Further questions about the clerkship, contact Dana Dunne directly.

Quick Checklist

  1. Review all H and Ps- minimum four per block should have written or verbal comments from you.
  2. Assign five minute patient-based questions for students to review and report on for rounds.
  3. Meet for formative (midway) feedback
  4. Complete summative (final) feedback with student- complete final MedHub within 14 days of rotation end.
  5. Make attempts to review pertinent physical findings on student patients twice a week.
  6. Complete EPA direct observation and feedback requirements per block. Review Panopto video below for more information.