Written Exam

An online examination will be scheduled the last week of the clerkship. It will comprise about 30-40 multiple-choice questions.  Some are based on the case conference materials, but others draw from the broader domain of common or serious conditions in ambulatory care internal medicine.  The exam is offered online through Exam Master. At the beginning of the fourth week, you will receive an e-mail with a link to Exam Master.  You will have until 8 a.m. Thursday of the fourth week to complete the online exam. You will have the opportunity to view each question once you have completed the question.  On most rotations you will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions with a faculty member at the time of the exit meeting on the last Thursday of the rotation.

This exam has three purposes:

  1. to broaden your understanding of the issues in ambulatory care internal medicine
  2. to facilitate your assessment of your capability in ambulatory care internal medicine
  3. to help the Steering Committee of this clerkship measure and improve the performance of the curriculum

All students must take the examination to receive a passing grade for the clerkship, but a student's grade on the examination does not influence his or her overall grade in the clerkship. A student's final evaluation will reflect whether or not he or she took the examination.  The student's score and the mean and interqartile range for students who have recently taken the examination will be placed in the student's final evaluation in the section intended for use in academic planning (not for use in Dean's letter). Students who score below the minimum standard set by the Steering Committee must contact Dr. Kernan to remediate within one week of the exam date.