During the last three weeks of the rotation, students will meet with an attending physician to review patients encountered at clinical sites. Students will be notified in advance that they will be asked to present a patient; each student will present at least once per rotation.

The format is a traditional report: students present a patient to his or her colleagues. This presentation should be concise and orderly, not exceeding three minutes. The presentation should begin with a clear statement of the chief complaint and proceed in a S.O.A.P. format from HPI to medications to FH to SH to ROS to PE to data to assessments and plan.

The attending, who may interrupt the student during his/her presentation, will facilitate a discussion of differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, treatment, practice style, etc. Presenting students should come well prepared with complete information about their patient and the patient's problem. Background reading will be necessary so that the presenting student may be a resource to his or her colleagues during the discussion.